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Material: 30% Polyester, 30% Polyesterurethane foam, 40% Silicone Adhesive

We are putting these on sale because of humidity during transport they´ve lost some stickyness and needs to be wached with warmwater and soap. and the dry to get the stickyness back.

Backless bra with no side extensions or bra straps featuring adhesive-lined foam cups. Front closure for cleavage and lift, easy to apply and remove. Hand wash with mild soap and water, air dry

Alongside clean and elegant design the "Swedish Sin" has for a long time been a trademark for our northern country. Sexy by Sweden's prime focus is to produce top quality, price worthy and comfortable clothing for a young and trendy sensitive female audience.
But yet our products are timeless and our sensual design approach is classic.
Therefore Sexy by Sweden will never be "last season".
Founded by Sweden's top celebrity photographer Bingo Rimér Sexy by sweden is today expanding into a world wide playground.
We see a big gap in the market for our products, both in Sweden and abroad, and quite frankly
– we are not surprised by the overwhemingly possitive response we keep getting.
Girls loves wearing our clothes! Everyone that come across our team loves working with us, you will too. And most important of all;
You will LOVE wearing Sexy by Sweden